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Making Korean culture & language exciting for the next generation


About the series

Woori Show is the first bilingual (English & Korean) American educational television and online series that will teach the entire family how to speak Korean words and conversational phrases and teach them about Korean culture through fun, engaging content. Modeled after Sesame Street, Woori Show will be comprised of short, easy to follow segments, accessible for every learner. From singing about colors to cooking delicious dishes with Korean-American chefs, viewers of all ages will be excited to watch and learn over and over again. 

The Proven Woori Method

  • Fun, catchy original songs to teach Korean words & conversational phrases

  • Original and classic Korean stories set to brilliant illustrations and artwork by Korean-American artists

  • Short documentaries celebrating different aspects of Korean culture including art, music, dance, history and food

  • Personal stories of the Korean-American identity, family and community

  • Profiles of inspirational Korean-American role models

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